PublicationsButtonList of published works

Below you will find a list of the translations, articles and other work that I have had published in the UK, US, and elsewhere.

In addition to publication, I have lectured on theatre translation at City University, London, and spoken on the subject of translating contemporary work at University College London.



B by Guillermo Calderón (Chile).  Published by Oberon Books.

Beat by Bárbara Colio (Mexico).  Published by Paso de Gato.

A Choir of Orphaned Children by Mariana Hartasánchez (Mexico).  Published by Paso de Gato.

The Concert by Ulises Rodríguez Febles (Cuba).  Nick Hern Books, ISBN 978-1-85459-805-8.

The Sickness of Stone by Blanca Doménech (Spain).  Extract published online by Asymptote (free to read).

Myths of New York by Vanessa Montfort (Spain).  Extract published online by Drunken Boat (free to read).

Little Certainties by Bárbara Colio (Mexico) and Seven-Eleven by Iván Olivares (Mexico), both published in Mexican Plays, edited by Elyse Dodgson.  Nick Hern Books, ISBN 978-1-85458-947-6.

Berlin is Not Yours by Alejandro Moreno Jashés (Chile).  Sangría, ISBN 978-956-8681-17-3.

Numbers by Mar Gómez Glez (Spain).  Published in New Plays from Spain, edited by Frank Hentschker.  Martin E. Segal Center, ISBN 978-0-9846160-5-3.

Villa+Speech by Guillermo Calderón (Chile).  Published in Theater Magazine, vol 43:2.  Duke University Press.

My Own Private Movida by Mercedes Cebrián (Spain).  Published by Cornerhouse Publications in the anthology Dark Habits.  ISBN 978-099-359-1235


Translating Audience and Character Recognition in Contemporary Theatre.  Chapter in Adapting Translation for the Stage ed. Cole and Brodie.  Routledge.

Claim the Limelight.  Published in The Linguist, vol 48:5.  Chartered Institute of Linguists.

The Strangeness of the Theatre Translator, published online by Words Without Borders (free to read).

Jouabilité: un concept indéfinissable, incontournable…  traduisible ou intraduisible?  Published in Traduire, No. 222.  Syndicat national des traducteurs professionels (France)

Other published work

Introduction to Fuente Ovejuna by Lope de Vega (Spain), translated by Laurence Boswell.  Nick Hern Books, ISBN 978-1-84842-023-6.