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Writing, Editing and Dramaturgy






I first wrote about theatre translation for The Linguist, the journal of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, in 2009.  Since then I have contributed articles to scholarly, literary and professional publications.  In 2017 these pieces include the above-pictured article for Adapting Translation for the Stage, published by Routledge, and an opinion piece for the international literature journal, Words without Borders.

You can find a fuller list of my published work here.

I am also a managing editor for The Theatre Times, where I commission articles on the subject of theatre translation as well as contributing articles of my own.  I aim to commission a range of articles to allow for our wide readership to gain insight on the field from as many different points of view as possible (suggestions very welcome!).

For the international department of the Royal Court Theatre, I have advised and assisted on new writing projects with emerging playwrights from the Spanish-speaking world since 2003.  This includes reading and commenting on new plays in Spanish as they are written and pass through various drafts, offering written reports and suggestions for further work, and often working closely with playwrights in the rehearsal context as an interpreter as they reach the final stages of their work.

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