Project Description


by Abel González Melo (Cuba), 2016
Three male, two female.


Recent:  a rehearsed reading at the Southwark Playhouse, London, on Saturday 7 October 2017.

Previous:  April 2016, HOME, Manchester.  

It’s 2015 and Cuba is changing.  But Celia is still restless, her plans to build a new future frustrated by her oh-so-cautious father, Sebastián.  Sebas, for his part, is otherwise distracted: the man he loves, David, is broken by the loss of his grandma and troubled by hallucinations of his long-dead parents.  But when Celia’s plan to make money sees her rent out a room to Elvira, an ex-pat Cuban visiting from the States for the first time in decades, a troubling past is stirred up:  in the Cuba of 1995, revolt was in the air, not only on the streets of Havana but also in the home and heart of a restless student, his Party-member wife, and a mutual friend whose fate would link them all.

It’s the 21st Century: it’s what half the island wants: to leave. It’s just that I want to get pregnant as well. You got a problem with that?    

Weathered was commissioned by HOME, Manchester, as part of World Stages.  It was premiered at HOME on 23 April 2016, directed by Cat Robey and performed by Kate Coogan, David Judge, Robin Simpson, Jamie Samuel and Katie West.

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