Project Description


Buzón de voz
by Vanessa Montfort (Spain), 2013
One female, and several voices.


A queue of messages tells the story of one woman’s journey to the edge.  Friends, family, banks, utility companies and an ex call in vain.  Alone and desperate, with nowhere to turn, she contemplates a devastating escape.  The chorus of recorded voices forms her terrifying countdown.

Hello, darling…  Well, it’s just that we didn’t talk yesterday so I thought I call to see how you were.  I bumped into Patricia today.  Your sister used to go to school with her.  And… 

Well, don’t get upset, but I told her what was happening and… 

Well, of course, she was surprised.  She said with your CV it was unbelievable you couldn’t find anything, but, anyway, she did say that if anything comes up at her company, she’ll let us know.  So, do cheer up, darling.  Something will come up, somehow… 

What?  No, it’s not her, it’s the answerphone. 

Oh, your father sends his love.  Well, speak to you later, darling, speak to you later.

This translation of Voicemail was commissioned by The English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre.  It is part of a set of short plays, along with House Arrest and Chalk Land.

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