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by Guillermo Calderón (Chile), 2010
Three female.

Photo: María Paz González

Latest: Speech at the Edinburgh International Festival 2017 as part of the Royal Court Theatre’s New and Now season.  Performed by Kika Markham (see clip).

Recent: Villa at the Play Company, New York, March-April 2017.  (★★★★ Time Out; ‘William Gregory’s translation is a gem’, Theatre is Easy)

Previously:  August 2015, ICES, Colombo, Sri Lanka, directed by Indika Senanayake

Previously: 27 May-14 June 2014, The Mac, Belfast, co-produced by Prime Cut Productions (★★★★ The Irish Times); 28 April 2014, Segal Center, New York, presented by PEN World Voices.

A duo of plays exploring the legacy of Pinochet’s rule on the Chile of today.  In Villa, three women debate the future of the site of the Villa Grimaldi, a dictatorship-era torture and extermination centre which exists today as a memorial garden.  In Speech, Calderón imagines a farewell speech by President Michele Bachelet.  What might she have said if she were not bound by political pragmatism?

I’m sure the people who killed us had crosses in their pockets.
Maybe they were thinking of infinite kindness.
And forgiveness for the penitent.
Maybe they thought we atheists didn’t deserve to live.
That we were pieces of meat with brains.
Or maybe they thought we’d go happily to communist heaven.

‘The translation, by William Gregory, is eminently speakable’, Lighting and Sound America

‘I’ve seen Guillermo Calderón’s plays both done in Spanish and in English and I really wanted to commend William Gregory’s translation. […]  I really thought he got the cadences, he got the rhythm, and everything.’ José Solís, Maxamoo

Villa and Speech were first performed in English at the Royal Court Theatre in March 2011, directed by Guillermo Calderón and performed by Kika Markham, Indira Varma, Claudie Blakely and Emma Lowndes.

They were published in Theater Magazine (Villa and Speech), volume 43.2, June 2013.

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