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william_website_buttons_10The Widow

La viuda de Apablaza
by Germán Luco Cruchaga (Chile), 1928
Five male, four female.


In Chile’s rural south at the turn of the 20th Century, a prosperous but lonely farm-owning widow turns her land, business and livelihood over to her late husband’s adopted son, marrying him and relinquishing her power in exchange for his companionship.  Before too long his attentions stray to Celinda, the widow’s young niece recently arrived from the city, leaving the widow trapped in a loveless marriage and stripped of the influence and autonomy she once enjoyed.

A classic of Chilean theatre, available for the first time in English translation.

Here it’s what I want that matters… I’m my own woman. I’m the one who brought you up and that counts for something!

From now on, you’ll take my dead husband’s place…! It’s all yours: the land, the money… And the widow.

I’ll let you be in charge here… Because I had to see you loving another woman to realise that I love you more than anyone, more than anyone could believe…

My darling stray! My beautiful little stray!

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