Project Description

Happy greyhound dogThe Greyhound

El galgo
by Vanessa Montfort (Spain), 2013
Two male, three female.


A Spanish couple goes head-to-head with a German couple to win the right to adopt a greyhound who has been rescued from the street.  The Spaniards, who are being forced to downsize following redundancies and austerity measures, don’t take kindly to having two well-to-do Germans descend and attempt to take their precious pet to the prosperous north.  As the couples feud in the sweltering Spanish summer, attempting to impress the adoption agency’s eccentric case-worker, international resentment bubbles to the surface and cracks in seemingly stable relationships are hilariously exposed.

Elena has a powerful sense of ownership.  It’s the same with the house.  She calls it our house when actually it’s always belonged to Deutsche Bank, just like our car, our TV…  Well, it’s the same with the greyhound.  As soon as he got here, within four days she was already saying our dog.

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