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As well as being a translator myself, I love championing the field of translation and sharing practice, be it with seasoned colleagues, emerging translators, theatre practioners, or more general audiences.

For the international theatre company [Foreign Affairs], I am a mentor on the pioneering theatre translation programme [Foreign Affairs] Translates!  The programme invites a yearly cohort of translators to work on translating a play, working towards a showcase of extracts of their translations and leaving them with newly honed skills to support their future projects.  As a mentor, I help design the programme and the content of workshops, deliver workshops alongside other company members, and offer one-to-one mentoring sessions and detailed feedback to the participating translators.

Also with [Foreign Affairs], along with co-artistic director Trine Garrett I devised and delivered the plenary lecture at the 2017 International Translation Day event at the British Library, in association with the Free Word Centre.  Following an overview of the theatre translation field, we led a mass theatre-translation exercise with all of the attendees.  This followed our running a workshop at the same event in 2016.

I have taken part in several post-show discussions following the performance of my own translations or those of others, or have chaired post-show talks relating to translation, at venues including the Arcola Theatre in London, the Argentine Embassy, and Above the Arts in the West End of London.

In the academic realm, I delivered the 2009 plenary lecture in translation at City University (London) and in 2013 participated in workshops and a panel for University College London’s theatre translation seminar series.

As a Visiting Research Associate at King’s College London, I presented a paper at the annual Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland conference in 2017 and co-devised and led a workshop on ‘rehearsing the translated play’ at the British Academy ‘late’ event in May of the same year.

In Spanish, I have interpreted at many discussion events with playwrights and theatre artists, and taken part in my own right in post-show talks and discussion panels on the subject of translation and theatre in venues such as the Royal Court Theatre, the Sala Berlanga (Madrid) and the annual Spanish theatre book fair organised by the Spanish society of authors.

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