Project Description


by Julio Escalada (Spain), 2000
Three male, two female.


As March blossoms into April, four characters find their lives and loves turned upside-down by fate, frustration and bad case of Spring Fever.  Biology, ambition, insecurity and eccentricity conspire with comic results in this twisting tale of adultery between friends.

Do you think she could have gone off with someone? 

No, could she?  It’s not as if she’s so attractive that men would just proposition her like that.  I don’t dislike the way she looks but she’s not beautiful.  Men go for girls that are…  that are…  objectively good-looking, with certain characteristics that match a canon.  Like you.  They’d try their luck with you, but not with her. 

We men, the thing that first attracts us is harmony, and she isn’t harmonious.  She’s not ugly but she’s not harmonious.  She’s… subjectively attractive.  She’s attractive to people who know her, and at first when you meet her, just like that, seeing what’s attractive about her, it’s difficult, you know?

She’s not harmonious, she’s quite attractive, but to me, because I know her.  Subjectively… good-looking… but just to me. 

Don’t you think?      

This translation of Springtime was first performed at the Finborough Theatre in August 2003, directed by William Gregory and performed by Dean Ashton, Noella Brennan, Scott Brooksbank, Denise Hoey and Ronnie McGann.

Springtime is part of the Four Seasons tetralogy, along with Autumn, Summer and Winter.

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