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Spain was where I spent my university year abroad:  I lived for a year in Pamplona and trained in Acting at the Escuela Navarra de Teatro.  My first theatre translation was also of a Spanish play, Julio Escalada’s Springtime.  In 2007, I worked on Pedro Almodóvar’s All About My Mother for London’s Old Vic theatre.  One of my current projects, the award-winning novel Myths of New York, is by Spanish writer Vanessa Montfort, while Spain-based writer Rodrigo García penned I’d Rather Goya Robbed Me Of My Sleep Than Some Other Arsehole, appearing at London’s Gate Theatre in March 2014.


Works from Spain

All About My Mother by Pedro Almodóvar

On the Edge by Julio Escalada

Electra in the Forest of Oma by Pedro Víllora

Hydra by Blanca Doménech

A Basque History by Borja Ortíz de Gondra

Cuzco by Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez

My Own Private Movida by Mercedes Cebrián

The Sickness of Stone by Blanca Doménech

Myths of New York by Vanessa Montfort

The Greyhound by Vanessa Montfort

I’d Rather Goya Robbed Me Of My Sleep Than Some Other Arsehole by Rodrigo García

Numbers by Mar Gómez Glez

Après moi le déluge by Lluïsa Cunillé

581 Maps by Juan Mayorga

Springtime by Julio Escalada

Summer by Julio Escalada

Winter by Julio Escalada

Chalkland by Vanessa Montfort

Voicemail by Vanessa Montfort

House Arrest by Vanessa Montfort

Flashback by Vanessa Montfort



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