Project Description


by Iván Olivares (Mexico), 2006
Three male, three female.


It’s not a good day for Cabrón, ‘The Bastard’.  A botched favour for his mate Jesús leaves a mad old bird half dead and Cabrón with an abandoned kid on his hands.  Not ideal when you’re trying to pull off a fake kidnapping with your girlfriend and screw some cash out of her old man.  Thank Christ for the Seven-Eleven and its constant supply of hotdogs.  A darkly comic caper through Mexico’s criminal underbelly.

I told him I’d kidnapped you.

That I’d been stalking you for months; that when I first met you, at the entrance to a museum, something exploded inside me; that you were the most beautiful woman on the planet and that I’d found out what you do every day so I could kidnap you today and have you to myself; that I’ve never wanted anything more in my whole life…  That if he wants his wedding ring back I’ll send it to him with your finger still inside. 

It’s the perfect plan, isn’t it?

This translation of Seven-Eleven was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in January 2006, directed by Indhu Rubasingham and performed by Justin Salinger, Tom McKay, Rosalind March, Harry Treadaway, Lolita Chakrabati and Daniel Crowther.

Playtext available from Nick Hern Books here.

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