Project Description

Pig Woman

La mujer puerca
by Santiago Loza (Argentina), 2000
One female.



Recent: a rehearsed reading at the Argentine Embassy, London, on 09 November 2017.

Previous: a rehearsed reading at the Arcola Theatre, London, on Saturday 23 September 2017.  Produced by Latin American Voices.

This monologue by one of Argentina’s leading contemporary playwrights follows one woman’s search for sainthood by any means possible.  Abandoned to a devout but cruel aunt, but taking comfort from the shared religious fervour of her timid cousin, her desire for religious perfection develops boundless and troubling proportions.  Meeting her today at the end of her journey, the audience shares in her astonishing story.  Has her faith brought her the relevation she has so long yearned for?

I used to pray a lot, voraciously. I prayed like it was a vice. Counting the rosary beads over and over again. Mystery after mystery. Praying and counting the beads. I used to ruin the rosaries. From pressing so hard when I prayed. The beads would wear out from my fingers rubbing them. They were made of wood and I’d squeeze them out of shape; they’d end up looking like lentils. Like that: completely flat.    

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