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The plays I have translated from Mexico span from the contemporary sprawl of Mexico City, in Iván Olivares’s Seven-Eleven, to a lonely cell in an 18th-Century colonial prison in Jaime Chabaud’s Divino Pastor Góngora; from the violence on the US border in Hugo Alfredo Hijososa’s The Eternal Summer of War to the rivalry between the provinces and the urban centre in Bárbara Colio’s Little Certainties.  At the Royal Court, I translated for the Arena Mexico season, with direction by Gordon Anderson and Indhu Rubasingham.


Works from Mexico

The Eternal Summer of War by Hugo Alfredo Hinojosa

Little Certainties by Bárbara Colio

Seven-Eleven by Iván Olivares

Divino Pastor Góngora by Jaime Chabaud

Cinema Red by Zaría Abreu

Beat by Bárbara Colio

A Choir of Orphaned Children by Mariana Hartasánchez


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