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coloured_houses_2Little Certainties

Pequeñas certezas
by Bárbara Colio (Mexico), 2006
Three male, three female.


In the border town of Tijuana, siblings Juan and Sofía make a shocking discovery about their missing brother, Mario.  Days later, a woman who may hold their future in her hands arrives unannounced from Mexico City, accompanied by her mother, who seems unsatisfied with having just one child to take care of.  But good will and maternal instincts may not be enough to resolve such a bitter crisis.

I envy him. 

I’d disappear like that, if I could.  I think I understand him, that’s the funny thing.  He could never get used to the idea of living like dead people, like Juan, like me.  Mario was all light.  I think I always envied him.  Bastard.  I’d like to see him just one more time to punch his lights out or…  To ask him to take me with him.  Why didn’t he say anything to me? 

He’s alive; I know it.  He’s not the dying kind.

This translation of Little Certainties was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in January 2006, directed by Gordon Anderson and performed by Daniel Mays, Fiona Glascott, Marion Bailey, Morven Christie and Siân Brooke.

Playtext available from Nick Hern Books here.

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