Project Description


by Blanca Doménech (Spain), 2017
Three male, three female.



Victim of a car crash, the young Inessa Kuznetzoy lies in a coma in a New York hospital, a promising future in the balance.  The doctors do their utmost but even today’s medical science falls short when faced with the enigmas of the human brain.  But all may not be lost:  bankrolled by billionaire investor Leon Bradley, Inessa’s devoted husband, researcher and neurologist Amanda Preston finds herself, and her patient, in a situation hitherto only dreamed of:  direct, unlimited access to the world’s most advanced neuroscience research facility.  Work begins and progress is made to map Inessa’s mind and coax her out of her coma.  But what are the ethics of  researching on a patient when her husband is paying the bills?  And when our brain, our mind, our very identity is at stake, how far can we trust the motives of those who profess to love us more than they love themselves?

That smile wasn’t a reflex in Inessa’s body. She understood me. She can hear everything. She’s trying to communicate with us. And I’m going to work out how to talk to her. I’m going inside her head so she can tell me what’s going on in there.

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