Project Description

Ellipsis Land

by Pepa Ubera and Josefina Camus (Chile)
programme notes by Silvana Vetö (Chile)

Image (c) Jesús Ubera



For Chilean contemporary dance duo Pepa Ubera and Josefina Camus‘s performance of Ellipsis Land at Sadlers Wells in October 2017 (following its première at Tate Modern), I translated Dr Silvana Vetö’s essay, The Diffraction of Bodies.  In this study of Ubera and Camus’s moving, immersive study, Chilean academic Vetö discusses the piece’s exploration of how human relationships and interactions are affected by technology and the fleeting pace of urban life.

Most of all, these bodies affect each other. They are altered […] by what is most foreign and most intrusive to them, by what lies, flickering, in their most intimate space, in their own hearts. They are altered by the sound, by the light and the shadow; affected by the emptiness piercing the space, by each other. And yet, this affecting, this alteration, might best be described as cold: the void is not filled, it is unfulfilled, it is un-warmed. All that vibrates with and within these bodies merely skirts around the edges. It clings furtively to the emptiness, leaving it somehow exposed but undisturbed, stripping everything away and revealing residue, that which is left behind.

More information about the piece can be found at Pepa Ubera’s website, where she can also be contacted for more information.

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