Project Description

Drainage Alley

Callejón Desagüe
by Laura Liz Gil Echenique (Cuba), 2017
Five male, four female.



As change is heralded at home and abroad, the residents of a run-down street on the outskirts of Havana wait for it to reach their doors.  While some drift into nostalgia and others seek opportunity elsewhere, one woman strives to stay stoic, and to stay put.  But as the odds stack up against her, can she hold out?  Are hope, home and new responsibilities enough to keep her standing, or will something have to give?

The ceiba tree at the end of the stream is dying. Do you remember how it used to cover the whole neighbourhood in white fluff whenever it blossomed? You used to like counting the new branches… And now it’s dying… The ceiba tree is dying...    

Drainage Alley was written as part of the Royal Court Theatre’s onging work with emerging writers in Cuba.  It was first performed in the UK as a rehearsed reading as part of New and Now, a showcase of the Royal Court’s international work as part of the Edinburgh International Festival’s Spirit of ’47 season in August 2017.  The reading was directed by John Tiffany and extracts can be seen in the clip below.

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