Project Description


by Camila Le-Bert (Chile), 2013
Two male, one female.


It’s a long flight home and a bumpy landing for Aurora and José, two Chilean graduates whose love blossomed while studying in New York. Back in Santiago, they struggle to adapt to the realities of adult life. The fast-mutating skyline belies a city still weighed down by history, and what once made sense in Brooklyn looks flawed in the shadow of the Andes.

Turning 30’s a chan.  Your hair falling out, going grey, that’s a chan.  Biology’s a chan.  Your best friend gets pregnant – chan!  Your little brother earns more than a million pesos – chan!  Your cousin gets married – chan!  It’s like life turned into a race but you were buying sweets and by the time you reached the start line everyone had already gone.

What is a ‘chan’?  Find out here

Chan! was first performed in English at the Royal Court Theatre in September 2013, directed by Roxana Silbert and performed by Fiona Button, Adam James and Harry Lloyd.

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