Project Description

WIGButtonA Wig for Two Heads

Gastos de representación
by Alejandro Moreno Jashés (Chile), 2014



In a disembodied world where waiting is possession and speech is transaction, a lonely man bargains for the daughter of his dreams.  Shared memories, cherished mundanity and a lost child are all at stake.  But as the haggling drags on and the asking price rises, the promised offspring herself is trapped, beholden to a gaggle of haranguing voices emerging from row Z of the stalls.  And all the while, the intangible space of nightmares, Moulinex blenders and mermaids spirals dangerously to reduction and ultimate deconstruction.

How much more are you willing to pay to hear your daughter?

I already paid for my daughter.

But so little.


Yes, tell me how much more you’re willing to pay.

I’ll tell you later.



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