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581 mapas
by Juan Mayorga (Spain), 2009
Three characters.


An unassuming geek with a knack for demographics is hauled in by the authorities.  His bespoke maps of the city are causing scandals amongst the ranks of the powerful.  All very well colour-coding house prices, but tracking an MP’s movements?  And yet, his skills are useful…  When data is so easy to obtain, those who can control it have everything to gain.

That’s the key to the business.  It was my younger sister’s idea, when I lost my job at the educational publisher’s.  My sister made me realise that lots of maps get made, tonnes of them, but most of them don’t have anything to do with what people are actually interested in.  What do you care about the location of monuments when your thing is stamp collecting?  What do green spaces matter if what you’re interested in is pornography?  It was my sister who gave me the idea of personal maps.  I didn’t really see it, but I thought, ‘What have I got to lose?

581 Maps was first performed during the Royal Court Theatre’s Rough Cuts season in 2009, directed by Ramin Gray.

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